Procrastination should be my middle name, if I ever get around to changing it.

I was clicking through the photos on my camera on the weekend and realized I’ve got a few posts to work on.  Sadie went down to sleep right away tonight so I used the opportunity to upload all those photos.  Hopefully I’ll get you updated on our exciting lives this week.

For starters, here’s the baby carrier I got for $15.  It’s very comfortable.  The only thing I don’t like about it is there’s no strap to connect the shoulder straps in front so when she leans to one side to see what you’re doing, the strap slips off sometimes.  Not enough for her to fall out or anything, just enough to be annoying.  I’ll fix that problem with a nylon strap and a buckle when I get around to it.

I’ve used it a lot though.  Lots of raking and poop-hauling is still happening.  And horse-brushing and trail clearing and digging.  She falls asleep in it while I’m raking sometimes.  It’s so cute.  Not that I can see her…but it’s cute cause she leans her head on my back.

Hey, it’s about the only cuddling I get!



While we’re talking about Sadie, here she is with her favourite remote.  Probably because it’s the only one that has a little red light on it that lights up when she pushes the buttons.


She’s getting around a lot more these days.  She pulls herself up on furniture easily and gets back down again without falling on her head.  She loves to play the piano.  So much that I can only get about 23 seconds of playing in before she climbs up on my leg and reaches for the keys, then starts whining cause she wants to sit in my lap and play with me.  Only she doesn’t let me play unless she’s controlling my hand.  I don’t get much practise in these days.  I’m currently learning to play Cristofori’s Dream by David Lanz.  It’s purty.


Sorry about the next picture.  It’s kind of freaky but I don’t have very many of Sadie and me together, even though we’re together aaaall the time.


It’s just easier to get nice photos when I’m behind the camera.

So anyway, I’m going to leave you with that for now.  I have plenty more to come, hopefully before the weekend or I’ll be really behind.  We’re having a work bee at our house this saturday to get the pastures cleaned up and the fences fixed and/or upgraded.  The horses are in a corral with two strands of barbed wire right now.  Not the most ideal situation but it only cost us the staples.  Now we’re changing out the wire for logs that we got from the bush.  I’ll tell you about that part in the next post.


Oh, and my sis, Hannah, is due for her second baby on monday!  Can’t wait to see what it is!  She can’t either.  She was ready to find out three months ago.


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