Variety is the spice of life. I must be spicy.

Remember this photo of my driveway?

Now look what it looks like!

Yayy!  It’s totally springtime up here now.  And I’ve been progressively busier and busier with outside work.

It’s great.

There’s lots to do.

I finally got a used baby carrier (it’s no ERGO, but it’s a similar design and just as comfortable…for $15) so I can take Sadie with me when I’m working, instead of sneaking out while she’s napping to get a couple loads of horse poop hauled.  Sooo much better.  I hauled three loads today with Sadie on my back.  No sweat.

Frequenting online classified ads definitely pays off.  I traded some LED christmas lights for some pretty grasses and some perriwinkle groundcover.  I potted them today so they will stay alive until I figure out where to put them.

And all those patio slabs stacked up behind the plants?  Those were free.

I also scored this pile of rubble from the online classifieds.  For free.

Can you figure out what it is?

It’s very exciting.  I can’t wait to reassemble it.

I’ll give you a hint.

It protects life and facilitates growth.

I took all the mulch off my beds the other day.  This is the current status of my garden.

Before I know it it will be time to plant and I won’t have any seeds yet.

But for now, I have plenty of raking to do.  I did this patch last week.  It was covered with sticks, rocks and pine cones before.

Now I don’t know about you, but on days like this one…

…it’s physically impossible for me to stay inside.  I have to be out even if I don’t actually get anything done.  It’s a whole lot more fun to get stuff done though.  Partly cause Sadie would rather not sit in her stroller not moving for very long, and partly cause 5 minutes of raking makes such a big difference that it’s addicting.

Yes, I’m addicted to raking.

It’s one of my favourite outside jobs.  Right up there with setting up my hammock.

Once I start, it’s impossible to stop until my hands have turned into one solid blister.  Then I rake up the last little bit.  And the other spot I missed.  Then I stop raking and go dig something.

Like this.

This is one of my many ambitious projects for this year (we’ll see how many actually get done).  I’m turning this empty corner of dirt next to the house into a patio area.  Sounds simple enough.

But to do that, I have to level it so any furniture I get will sit flat, then install my free patio slabs in an exotic pattern, then build terraced rock walls on the uphill (house) side, then plant nice things in it, then set up the gazebo frame and use it as a trellis for growing gourds (or any other climbing vegetable if the gourds don’t work), then figure out how to keep the feathered raptors chickens away from the whole thing.

I was thinking about building wattle fences around it.  But that’s another project.

Oh, by the way…in case you’ve been in utter suspense for the last several months waiting to hear the final verdict, we’ve agreed on a new name for the white horse.

It’s Sonny.

(Did I tell you that already?  I can never remember.)

The weekly riding lessons I’ve been giving a friend of mine (in exchange for piano lessons) has been great cause I get to take Sonny out and work him a bit too.  Darryl looks after Sadie for me.  He’s so great.

And you didn’t think you could get through another post with no pictures of Sadie, did you?

She was watching the chickens in this shot.  Then I got her attention.

And got a smile.

I love it when she cranes her neck.  And I love her toque.

I forgot to show you the before and after of one of the projects we completed last year.

The following photo of our (ugly) shed was taken last summer.  (the lean-to part on the right is the chicken coop and the rest is storage)  We decided to put (free) siding on it last summer so it wouldn’t be quite so hard on the eyes.

Now it looks like this.

Ahhh, much better.  Darryl did a great job.  Now the shed looks better than our house.

My parents gave us this bench when they deserted us moved.  It spent the winter on the porch, but now it’s in just the right place to enjoy the afternoon sun.  Once summer comes I will move it somewhere shady.

I quite like using junk and found objects for purposes other than their intended.  Like this concrete deck support turned end table.

Wait till you see what else I have planned.

Oh, and the pile of scrap wood I showed you before is my new (free) greenhouse!  Just in case you didn’t figure it out. 🙂


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