Two Birthdays

My grandma turned 80 on March 7.  Her birthday is easy to remember because it’s the day after mine.


My dad flew out from Prince Edward Island and a bunch of her old friends (some of them were quite old) came to visit with her.


That’s my dad, standing up.


My uncle and aunt came from Edmonton.  They’re the ones on the far right and the far left.


Luke and Steph came down from Bill’s Puddle (Williams Lake).  They stayed with us until dad flew in, then they went to Hannah’s and dad stayed with us.  That’s Luke in the foreground, sidled up to the trough and grazing happily.  It’s his favourite pastime.


And here’s Steph wishing she had a baby.  Hee hee.


Here’s me showing Steph that moms can still be Hot.


Did I mention I love my hair?

We had Grandma’s little shindig at Hannah’s house cause mine’s too small and the only couch I own is on the porch cause it wouldn’t fit into the house (we tried valiantly).

Hannah’s neighbour made a really nice cake.





We all ate way too much, but we had fun looking through some old albums with black and white photos of grandma’s grandpa and her dad and her brother and the foxes they used to raise in Saskatchewan way back when there was a market for them.


Hannah and Steph and I made a banner for the event.


It’s one of those things that we do for every birthday or baby shower that occurs for anybody that goes to our church.

It’s like a tradition.

Or a bad habit.

Some large paper balls were part of the decor.


Along with some pretty balloons.


Grandma had a great time reading cards from all her friends.


And opening presents.


And watching dad try to figure out what they were.


I think this one was a shawl.

Grandma really enjoyed herself.  Hopefully enough to stick around a while longer.


She promised us she’d make it to 80, but maybe we can convince her to hang around long enough to get some photos of her with some more great grandkids.

If she agrees to that, we might be able to keep her for another 6 or 8 years.

My birthday party was the next day, also at Hannah’s.  It wasn’t quite so exciting (for Hannah), but we finished off all the appies and Grandma’s yummy cake, and I got to visit with my friends, and chat with my mom on Skype.

I got to open presents too.

I like opening presents.

I wish birthdays came around more than once a year, except that we’d all be a lot older than we are now.

Maybe that’s not such a good idea.

PS. Hannah took all the pictures in this post.  Thanks Hannah.

PSS. In case you’re confused, my birthday is on the 6th and Grandma’s is on the 7th, but she had her party on my birthday and I had my party on her birthday.  I hope that clears things up.


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