Now I’m Hungry

If you haven’t been on The Pioneer Woman’s blog yet, you’re missing out.

At the very least, check out her Tasty Kitchen website, where she and many other people with amazing culinary tastes gather to share their delicious recipes.

That’s the first site I try when I’m looking for inspiration.

It has lots of pretty pictures.

Pretty pictures of food.

It makes me want to make everything so I can eat it all.

I definitely try different recipes more often.

Darryl even commented last night, “Thank goodness for the Pioneer Woman, hey?”  As I was making a yummy salmon filet with an orange and balsamic vinegar glaze.

It was good!

And easy!

I love good and easy when it comes to food.

Everything I’ve made on that site so far is to die for.

Like the Salmon Pico De Gallo Tacos.


Sounds really strange, but I guarantee you will LOVE it!  But wait until you have fresh tomatoes and peppers from your garden.  That makes it even better.

Or the Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas.


Oh My Gosh!  They were a bit more work, but soooo delicious I will definitely make them again!

I’ve also learned a few cooking tips that make preparing food easier, like how to chop an onion.


I also learned that I love alfredo dishes!  I don’t usually have fettucini noodles so I use whole wheat spaghetti noodles, and I often add diced chicken, mushrooms and sometimes peppers.

So good!

And easy!

My favourite combination.

The recipes on the Pioneer Woman’s site make it look so easy cause she shows you a picture of every step, then makes you want to make it by showing you the finished product on her pretty dishes…with a bite or two missing.  Mmmm.

Go there.

Let me know what you made.



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