Oh Happy Day

I worked yesterday…for money.

Though it didn’t really feel like work other than driving around between sites.  I used to mow parks, so driving around town was a normal part of work.

But I wasn’t mowing parks today (not that mowing parks wasn’t fun, I just had to find something a little more flexible).

I was taking pictures.


I was getting paid.

Real money.

To take pictures.

And drive around town on a gorgeous sunny day.

A friend of ours from church is a realtor and asked me to take pictures of some houses he’s listing.  I did four houses yesterday.

The first one was a nice new home that was staged.  I spent an hour fiddling with settings and taking pics.


On my way to the next house, the 4-Runner started sputtering anytime I accelerated.  Uh oh.

I called Darryl and asked if we could switch vehicles for the rest of the day.  He was about to head into town from 20 minutes away to work at a site that was on my way.  Lucky day.

Until the 4-runner quit in the middle of the intersection of the highway and a very busy road.  Right in the middle.  While the light was changing.

While living out one of my worst fears, I had to jump out and try pushing this very large, heavy burden off the road, meanwhile some rude person honked at me as if I was doing this on purpose to ruin their day or that I just hadn’t noticed that I was stalled in the middle of the intersection and was blocking all the traffic.  Thanks, I’ll get right on that.

It must have been some heavy duty adrenaline that helped me get that truck rolling on flat ground.  That, and leaning over so far to push that I could have been lying flat.

Before I got it out of the intersection, which seemed like it took HOURS, some lady had to turn left in front of me so I had to stop pushing to be polite, and a nice man ran out and helped me push.  We got it off the highway and stopped in a quiet turn lane.

I called Darryl, who was on his way, then ate my lunch.

I must have been humiliated in this often enough in my driving career that it doesn’t phase me much anymore.

A few minutes later, just as I was thinking I should take a picture to post on here so you could get a better feel for what I was going through, a couple of guys knocked on my window, apologized for interrupting my lunch, and offered to push me into a parking lot.  They even had a lady stop traffic for us.  So I don’t have a picture for you, but I’m sure you can imagine it.  Don’t let it ruin your day though.

Darryl picked me up and drove to his work site a block away and let me take the truck for the rest of the day.

I got the other three houses photographed by almost 3:00 and picked up Sadie (she was at Hannah’s).  By the time I was back in town to pick up Darryl, I never wanted to see another clutch again.

Overall, I had a really fun day with a little setback thrown in, but it was nice and sunny out and I was getting paid to take pictures.

It could have been worse.


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