Random Stuff

This is what our driveway looked like last week.


This week, there’s no snow in the middle, and it’s a lot wider too.  Not quite so muddy.

I think spring is coming.

About three weeks ago last year it was about minus 20 and we spent a sunday afternoon making Banner pull us up and down the driveway on a toboggan.  There was no dirt in sight.

We wanted to do the same thing this year, but there wasn’t even enough snow on the driveway to make a good snowball.

Not that I’m complaining.

I miss seeing my garden.  It’s still buried under 6 inches of snow, but I can see the edges of the raised beds where the snow has melted a bit.

The willows are budding everywhere.  I snapped these last week while I was waiting for Darryl to get ready to go somewhere.





Sadie and I went for a walk the other day when it was gorgeously sunny out and I took this photo so you could see how close to spring we really are.


I know I keep talking about spring here, but that’s only because this year is so unusual.

This year we didn’t see moose around here either.

Until a couple of days ago.


She was standing right by the road below our house when I drove by so I jumped out and got a few pics.


Moose are such ugly, graceful animals.

Speaking of ugly, check out the prices for these burgers.  Inflation’s really hit us hard here in K-town.


Speaking of graceful, check out the timberwork my husband did.


Here’s some closeups.



He’s so talented.:)

He’d be happy to do timberwork all the time, but condos aren’t usually built of timbers nowadays.  Try concrete and I-joists.

Speaking of eyes, Sadie loves to look at herself in the mirror.


I put a hanky on her head and she left it there.  Didn’t care at all.  She went for a ride on her zebra so she could show all her stuffed friends.



I know this post was a bit scattered, but I just had some recent photos to share and they weren’t really long enough for their own posts.

I know you don’t mind.

Maybe the next one will be more cohesive.


Maybe I could talk about spring.



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