My New Doo

Okay, I promised you I would show you some pictures of my lovely new haircut, and the other day I remembered to take them AND I remembered my camera at the same time!  We were visiting Darryl’s Aunt M and Aunt A at the time.  They were assembling a large white cabinet for the laundry room so instead of helping, I took pictures of them struggling with the doors and a bunch of pictures of myself.


Nice huh?

Check out the colour.  It’s perfect.


I opted for bangs on the side and I love it.  Actually, I love everything about my hair now, except for the wonky part at the back that hates being covered up.  But I get around that by never turning my back to people.  It’s tricky in church and at the grocery store and I get the odd puzzled stare or lady pulling her kids away from me, but other than that, it works.

Sure beats blowdrying.



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