Baby Fix

I’m sure some of you are sick of seeing photos of Sadie, but since this site is partly to update family who are now scattered across the face of the earth, everyone else will just have to deal.


But not really.

These photos are just too cute not to share with the world.

After her bath she was SO CUTE I had to take about a million pictures.  Here’s about 50.


I tied really hard to get a shot showing her teeth, but she wouldn’t let me.


She still gets the Gerber Baby curl on top of her head when her hair’s wet.



Here she’s staring at the fan.


Here she is taking after her daddy, only her feet are slightly smaller.


She likes the fabric block I made for her the other day.  I made another sling for a friend and used some scraps to make the block.  My sewing machine wasn’t cooperating very well but it was easier than I thought to make the block and it turned out pretty good.


These next two pictures are just so sweet, I had to put them on here.



Here’s Sadie protesting the flash on my camera.  Hee hee.


Okay, last one (in THIS post).



Now that you’ve had your fill of baby photos…ok, maybe not YOU, but I’m sure some people are sick of them, like the other 3 people who read this.  I promise I will not post another picture of a baby in the next post.  No guarantees on the ones after that though.


PS. Anyone know who she looks like?  I can’t tell.


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