Sorry I haven’t written to you lately.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Spring is arriving already.  We haven’t had any snow worth mentioning and the temperature rarely drops down to negative numbers.  There’s even green grass sprouting up under the trees.

All that is good.

But if we get a good frost sometime before spring actually arrives, all the budding trees will die!  Another sign pointing to a food shortage in 2010.

I’m not a doomsdayer, I’m a realist.  God gave me a brain so I could use it, and it’s helped me in the past.

Last spring we built up our pantry with staples that we use all the time, like flour, rice and canned tomatoes. We had no idea we would need it a few short months later when work was really scarce and we had next to no income for 3 or 4 months.  We just thought it was a good idea and I sure feel good knowing I can make yummy meals from scratch without running to the store for ingredients.  We’re building it up again now and planning a better garden for this year.

Another sign of spring is the mice.  They’re awake and they’re everywhere.  One unlucky fellow found a way into the wall behind the kitchen sink and couldn’t get back out.  For the last couple of days the putrid smell of rotting mouse flesh has been radiating out several feet, so every time I walk by or have to use the sink my olfactory senses are ravaged.

The fan above the stove has been on for two days straight.  It helps a bit.

In other news, I finally got my hair done!  I seriously have not had my hair done for…ever.  I did chop it all short one year and dyed it blond (that was fun), but it wasn’t exactly a professional job.  The cut cost me a dollar.  My sister dyed it.

Nope, this time I wanted the real thing.

All I ever did with my hair was pull it back.  It was too long and boring to even bother with straightening or trying to make it look like I’ve had it done in the last century, so I didn’t even bother.  Not that I had the time to tame it anyway.  It took hours to blowdry, but it dried on it’s own overnight.  My arms turned to rubber and started to fall off if I ever tried straightening it.  It just took too darn long.

Then my friend got her hair done and I began imagining what I would look like with an amazing haircut like that.  I got her hairdresser’s number and sat on it for a month until I finally had time to go.  I went last saturday.  Darryl took Sadie with him so I had 2.5 hours of pampering.  I even got a hand massage.

My hairdresser (yeah, I think I’ll keep her) did an amazing job with the colour (I got foils to add some dimension to the boring brown colour it’s always been) and I gave her free rein with the cut and she did an awesome job.  Not high maintenance or too edgy, but definitely not boring!

I wish I had a picture for you, but I don’t yet.  I will do my best to get one soon!

I have another picture for you instead.

Hannah asked me the other day why there’s no photos of her on here.  I think she wants to see herself on the net somewhere other than facebook, so here’s a shot of her.


Oops, that’s not a very good one.  Sorry.

How about this one?


I won’t post a current picture of her but just have a look at the first one again.  That’s pretty close to what she looks like right now.  Only she has another 3 months to go.

Yesterday the horses got out.  I went to water them once Sadie was asleep and they weren’t standing at the fence waiting for me.  There’s nowhere to hide in their pen so I grabbed the halters, found where they got out and followed tracks down the driveway.  A lady in a van drove in right then and said she had two horses in her yard.  Yayy!  She gave me a ride up the street and I caught them easily and led them home. Sadie was still sleeping.:)  I had to put them in the big pasture until we can get the fence fixed.

Then I went to Hannah’s house and we made 2 batches of bread, but they didn’t rise properly and came out a little heavy.  I let Hannah keep them.  My bread recipe needs to be adapted for her house, somehow.  I was told the granite counters may have been a problem because they’re too cold for bread to rise properly on.  The second rise was on a warm stove though.  Who knows.  Bread is very mysterious.

Well, I will try to have more photos next time.  I have to go brave the kitchen to get it cleaned up.  Luckily it should only take a couple minutes.  Then I have to go make sure the horses are still there before Sadie gets up.:)

Then I have to set some mouse traps.


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