Babies are gross

So I figured out how to get Sadie to eat food.  That’s a lie.  Someone told me how to get her to eat food.

(in case you weren’t aware, I tried feeding her homemade pureed foods since she was 6 months old, but she didn’t like any of it)

In all the stuff I read about feeding babies (even government publications…gasp!), not once did I read that I should try mixing breastmilk with the food!  I had to hit myself in the forehead for that.  Several times.  It seems like such a no-brainer.

It works.


In this case, I was feeding her sweet potato, but she kept sticking her thumbs in her mouth right after a bite and got it smeared all over.


She didn’t seem to want to eat any more of it so I dumped the last couple of baby spoonfulls on the tray and let her play with it.


She ended up shoving a lot of it into her mouth anyway.  (I’ll have to remember that trick)



On another topic, I went shopping to the thrift store and picked up a skinny belt that would fit in Sadie’s jeans cause she’s taking her time growing into them.  It’s leather and has the snaps so you can remove the buckle.  I cut it in half so it wouldn’t drag along behind her and put some new holes in, then snapped on my belt buckle.



Baby belt fit for a cowgirl!


We had to resist buying her a cute little belt buckle when we went to our favourite cowboy store, the Cowboy’s Choice.  There was a half-sized silver buckle with an “S” on it.  Perfect.  I think she might get it for her birthday, and maybe a really cute cowboy hat too.  The hat had a flexible brim built in so it would probably fit her until she’s five.

Some new Sadie Stats:

-she’s 7 1/2 months old

-she has 6 teeth

-she’s starting to crawl a little bit but still prefers pulling herself along the floor and picking up every stray dog hair on her sleeper

-she pulls herself up on everything

-she can’t get back down half the time

-she falls sometimes but it doesn’t usually hurt her

-she’s not afraid of the vacuum

-she’s afraid of dogs barking and little kids screaming in her face

-she’s pretty good and easy to entertain even when she’s waaay tired

-she pooped three times in one day (sorry, that’s never happened before so I had to stick it in here)

Notice anything in particular in this photo?  Like behind her head?


We actually got money for christmas this year so we bought all 9 seasons of Little House on the Prairie on DVD from Costco.  It was a great deal and we love the show.  Darryl gets teary-eyed on half the episodes.  Awwww.

Well, Sadie’s up again so I guess that wraps it up.



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