I got a sweet shot of a Friesian the other day.  It came out a bit blurred but I think it enhances the photo.


There’s a couple of friesians at a farm up the road from us.  When I take Banner out for a ride I trot or canter past them to try to get them running.  They’re usually in a pasture away from the road so it doesn’t always work, and of course, I can’t watch them every second cause I have to make sure Banner isn’t veering off toward the grass at the side of the road.

Here’s a better shot of that friesian.

5ChZmDid I have you fooled??

I tried.

Oh well.

This is actually one of Sadie’s toys.


My mom started collecting them for Sadie.  She’s getting different breeds of horses, and farm animal families.

My little nephew’s collection is all different animals from around the world, like camels, penguins, panda bear, kangaroo, whale, etc.  They go with a quilted playmat my mom made showing a map of the world and all those animals, so he can match them up.  And at just over a year old, he was. (He’ll be 2 in May)

Sadie has a barn for all her animals, and mom is going to paint a fabric playmat with grass and dirt and a pond…a mini-farm.  (how’s that coming, mom? 😉 )


Luke’s kids will get game animals (surprise, surprise) like different types of deer, moose, elk, bear, cougar, pheasant, etc.  Maybe they’ll get a playmat with a shooting range on it.

Here’s another horse.  Can you guess what breed?


The braid is a dead giveaway.  This breed always has braids when they show.


It’s a Tennessee Walking Horse.

How about this one with the freaky eyebrows and eyeliner?  The Egyptian look is another dead giveaway.


It’s an Arabian, though mine looks way better.:)


The arabian foal is kinda cute though.


This one’s supposed to be a quarter horse, but don’t see any resemblance.


Can you guess this one?


Isn’t he cute?

It’s a Falabella.  The smallest pony breed.

Here’s all her horse breeds together.


The “quarter horse” and the arabian were on top of our wedding cake.

Wanna see the farm animals she has so far?

(not that you really have a choice in the matter)

Here’s the Cow family.


Mr. Bull, up close.  This one is quite realistic.  I won’t show you how I know he’s a bull.


Here’s mama cow.


Her legs and tail are even dirty from walking through a muddy pen.

Baby cow is kinda cute.


Here’s the Pigs.


This is my favourite little piggy.


The Dogs.


And the Chickens.


My mom told me that each of my grandmas had bought Sadie an animal family and told me to guess.  I got them both right.  Grandma S used to collect pigs.  Grandma J used to own golden retrievers.

Well, that’s Sadie’s farm animal and horse collection so far.  She still needs goats, sheep, turkeys, rabbits, llamas, geese, ducks, cats, a donkey, and some beef cattle.  And of course, some draft horses to pull the plow and some more pretty show horses.



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