It’s all about her

I know that some of you are moms and/or grandmas out there, so you won’t mind if I show you some MORE pictures of my adorable daughter, right?

She still would rather pull herself along the floor than crawl, but she has started pulling herself up to standing on the furniture or the laundry hamper (full of folded clothes) or the dog.  The chairs even have nifty rungs to pull yourself up on, and the dishwasher door is at just the right height when it’s open.

Here’s a Sadie’s-eye-view of the house.  It looks way bigger from down here.


Darryl took these shots when she was trying to climb up on him.



I love the little half-smirk.  I might not like it so much when she’s 15.


She can also stand up on her own.


For 0.004 nanoseconds.

She likes to play with the dog bear.  Did I mention we have a bear?  I was going to keep it a secret until it was up on the wall, but I guess since she let the cat out of the bag (so to speak), I’ll show you some more cute shots.


She looks so casual about fiddling with his teeth.


Now she wants to be a dentist.


But I’ll show you the bear some other time, okay?

Now, some of you keep whining that I don’t put more pictures of me on here.  There are three reasons for that.

1. I’m usually the one taking the pictures.

2. Darryl tends to catch me in mid blink.

3. IMHO, I’m not photogenic enough for the world wide web.  I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of girl.

BUT, here’s one where Darryl caught me with my eyes open.  Hopefully it will silence the squeaky wheel for a while.




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