Can’t Get Much Bigger Than This

My little brother Luke likes large lumbering lifted (with ladder bars) long lorries with the largest of the large campers on the back.

This is his F350 Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 with crew cab and long box.  And it is LONG.  No squeezing into parking spaces near the entrance.  This behemoth forces him to exercise.  And walking from the far reaches of the parking lot and back is about the only exercise he gets, so I guess it’s a good thing.:)

This photo was taken the day they left to go home after the holidays.  It was finally snowing after two weeks of nothing but melting and freezing, leaving the driveway so slippery that even this beast of a truck had difficulty navigating the flat sections.  And walking on it was out of the question.


It’s fun to ride in.  If you can get in, that is.  The seat is about 6 feet off the ground and there’s no step, so you have to pretend you’re a monkey in the rainforest and grab anything within reach to haul your cumbersome body into the treetops with just your scrawny little arms.

Once you’re in, it’s like riding in a jet plane.  Anything that darts in front of you within a hundred feet disappears forever.  Traffic?  What traffic?  Just nose up behind that tiny tin box of a car in front of you and they leave a puddle of scared on the road and pull over at the first opportunity, like onto the sidewalk.


Wouldn’t you if you saw this in your rear view mirror??

No, we didn’t make them sleep in the camper while they were here.  They got the camper for christmas and were taking it home with them.



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