There’s a good side to winter

Two days ago, it snowed all day long.  It was pretty.  But not as pretty as yesterday.  The sun actually came out.  Not a normal occurrence for these parts, in the winter anyway.  The way our house is situated on the property, we can see the sun touch the tree tops across the yard, but it doesn’t touch our house in December or January.  Needless to say, we have snow when no one else does.

But a short walk down the driveway is sun-kissed beauty like you don’t often see!



A feast for the eyes…


And the soul.


A cure for SAD if I ever did see one.


Don’t you love impossibly blue skies?  I didn’t edit this photo at all.



Even the icicles were pretty.


This was my attempt to capture a falling water drop.  Next time I’ll use a faster shutter speed.


I predict that by the end of January, you’ll be sick of seeing gorgeous winter photos.  But that’s too bad for you because that’s about all I have to take pictures of for a long long time. With some of Sadie or the horses thrown in.

I hope you can stomach it.



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