Baby Toy

When Luke and Steph were here for the holidays, Steph made a wrap with a hood for her new nephew.  I was feeling the creative vibe and used some of her scrap fabric to make him a stuffed car for him to squeeze and squish and drool and dribble all over.  It turned out okay.


I wanted it to look a little more like a car and less like a duck head…with teeth.  The buttons were probably the culprit for that.  They look too much like (duck?) eyes.


The fabric was really hard to work with.  It was a soft, terry-type material that stretched one way.  That’s probably why it came out long and squat.

It’s lightly stuffed with synthetic stuffing from a pillow.

I think it turned out okay.  Next time I’ll use different fabric.  And get some more interesting buttons.  Darryl doesn’t need a button on his old work pants anyway though, right?



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