Winter Wonderland

The snow was melting like crazy the other day and it was perfect for building snowmen.  Steph (my brother’s wife) and I were thinking about building an anatomically correct snowman, but opted for this instead.




We had to keep finding more sticks for the arms cause Montana thought they were for playing with and kept taking them.  And because the sticks are so skinny, he’d break them in half before we could stop him.

We used rocks for the eyes and mouths and carrots for noses.


The little guy was getting cold so Steph gave him her hat.


At this point, we weren’t quite done playing in the snow and decided to have some fun shooting horses.  With a camera, silly!  We led them to the pasture and turned them loose.  It was still really foggy so we got some cool shots.  Well, Luke had their camera in town with him, so I got some cool shots.  I used my zoom lens.


The jury’s still out on a name for this guy.  Darryl wants to call him Sabre, but I can’t bring myself to call him that.  When I get the next instalment of my history up (having trouble with the photos), you’ll see why.


I kinda like Utah.  But it doesn’t quite work either.


He’s too pretty to be a Utah.  Maybe if he was a dun…


And then there’s Banner.  He actually slipped and fell down at one point and slid at least ten feet on his side through the snow.  He wasn’t hurt though.  It was funny.


Now what is better to see than horses running through snow?  Okay, maybe lots of things, but that one’s up there.:)



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