Merry Christmas!

This year I will be dreaming of a white christmas.  It rained a few days ago and melted half the snow we got, and now the driveway is frozen slicker than snot on a doorknob.  It’s as treacherous as last year’s freezing rain storm.  Once you get off our driveway, the roads are bare, so I guess I can’t complain about having no snow like everyone else, but it would be a heap prettier to have fresh snow on the trees.

Sorry about the language.  I’ve been watching the Beverly Hillbillies again with my brother (he lives in Williams Lake, ie. Hickville).

Here’s our family christmas photo.


It came out a bit yellow, so I worked with it instead of trying to change it.

I spent the whole first week of December decorating the house, minus the tree because we were getting it that weekend.


For this, I cut some straighter willow branches and spray painted them white, then stuck them in a large, clear glass vase with a rope light coiled up in it.  Then I hung some matching ornaments on the branches with wire hooks.


If you need a reason to keep those old sock stretchers around but can’t find a use for them, here’s one.


Wrap them in ribbons or wire and hang them up!  Now I can justify keeping them.

The day of the tree hunt was completely gorgeous.  Cold with clear, blue skies.


Sadie was a good sport.  Darryl had fun toting her around in his jacket.


I have no idea who this was.  I couldn’t see him half the time.


This has got to be the cutest tree ever.  That one-year-old boy picked it out.  He thought it was a huge tree.


We caught Sadie joyriding with this punk.  At least she picked a cute one.


And here’s my handsome hubby tying our tree to the roof of the 4-Runner.


For all of you who remember that we sold our 4-Runner this summer, you aren’t going crazy.  This one is actually my dad’s and used to be my brother’s.  We’re selling it for dad though so if you want to buy it, call me!

Here’s my tree, decorated!







Yes, that’s an outhouse.  With a deer inside.


I made these felt stars last year.  They have dark green felt on the back side.  It would be easy to embellish them with buttons or stitching, but I didn’t trust myself not to wreck them.  And they looked cute enough just like that.


Darryl bought this one at the fair one year.  It’s perfect.

Sadie loves the tree, but she leaves it alone cause it’s prickly.


She loves the ornaments too.



Well, I hope you are having a marvelous christmas.  We finally have internet in our house!  You may think that’s a funny statement, but we’ve been going outside by the barn to check e-mail for the last month.  That’s also why I haven’t done a lot of writing on here.  Now I should be updating you a lot more regularly.:)

Mele Kalikimaka!


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