A Tale of Two Horses

Update: Ok, it wasn’t my ineptitude that kept me from posting pictures.  It was the blog site itself!  ow that they’ve fixed it, it’s easy to upload photos.  There’s a few in this post.  Yayy!

It’s coming on to winter up here in the snow belt.  We had three inches last week that stayed for almost two days.  It’s gone now though (whew).  We still have a lot of things to put away before the snow comes for good.  The leaves are almost gone from the trees and the horses have nice fuzzy coats again.

I didn’t think Banner was going to be the boss of the “new guy”.  Banner’s usually at the bottom of the pack, but the odd time that he’s the top, he’s mean.  So far he’s not too bad.  He takes the liberty of switching feed bins whenever he feels like it and sends the other guy scurrying away.  Scurrying is the wrong word.  More like half a ton of horseflesh wheeling around and bolting out of the corner he got hisself into with clumps of mud and dirt flying in all directions.  Ears pinned, tails swishing, squeals…not nice.

Other than that, they get along great.

We haven’t decided if we’re going to rename “Star” or not.  Sounds like some little kids named him.  Oh wait, they did!  The kids who owned him before my cousins did named him.  No wonder he’s at the bottom of the pack, he was named Star.  That must be what screwed him up.  Don’t worry, we’ll think of something better.  Any suggestions??

Here’s a picture of him.


Sorry, I can’t get his head out of the feed bin long enough to get a good photo.


That’s better.

So my parents are in the process of deserting moving across the country right now.  Last I heard, they were in Ontario navigating horrible weather and blizzards and freezing rain.

They bought a truck before they left.  My mom is driving it.


They bought it cause it looked pretty.  They are Ford or Dodge people (traitors).  Good luck with that.;)



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