Hello again!  No, our internet is still down.  I’m writing this from my parent’s computer with no furniture in the room.  They’re packing up the moving truck today and they’re leaving tomorrow for Prince Edward Island.

I’m supposed to be helping them pack right now.

But Sadie is stirring so I might have to look after her instead.  Oh darn.

We should be getting our new Macbooks today.  My dad bought one for each of us so we can keep in touch with webcams.  The first thing I’ll be doing is cracking open the manual.  These things are complicated when you’re used to PC’s.  I think I’ll miss having a right click button.  So easy to find stuff that way.  I always spend ten minutes trying to figure out how to unplug my camera when I download photos on a mac.  Still haven’t figured out how to compress pictures for the internet.


We got a good frost last night and the snow line has dropped to a couple hundred meters above us.  I’m so glad we decided not to raise a third batch of chickens.  It was cold enough last weekend when we processed the second batch.  We had some friends come up to help us so it only took 5 hours instead of 10.

We got our second horse last week.  My aunt gave him to us!  I will be posting pictures when I can, and when the mud covering his white coat has dried off enough for me to scrape it off.

We haven’t seen the cat since he hid under the porch couch the first day we put him outside.  We gave away the rest of the cat food.

Well, I suppose I should get back to work.  I’ll update you again soon, I hope.



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