Darryl and I both forgot about our anniversary (it was September 23).

I know, it’s terrible.

The only reason I remembered was because I got an e-mail the next day congratulating me (thanks Joan!).  Then, just to see if Darryl had completely forgotten like I did, I nonchalantly asked him what day it was yesterday.  He said, “Wednesday”.

Then I told him and we had a good chuckle.

We had spent most of the day together though, running around and doing errands.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

September 23…I should mark it on next year’s calendar as soon as I get it so I actually remember.

We take a photo every year of us in front of our house with our vehicles and pets, just so we can see the change that’s happened in the last year.

I lost last year’s photo when our computer crashed last winter.  And the first photo is on my parent’s computer, I think.  I guess I’d better get it before they leave.

This one was taken a couple weeks after our anniversary (yesterday, in fact).


There’s no vehicles in this one cause we sold the red 4-Runner and the ugly beast was still broken down, so it didn’t get to be in the picture.

Darryl’s holding one of the broiler chickens, even though they’re not exactly pets.  The layers got their heads in the foreground.

If our anniversary was in October, you’d probably see another horse, another dog, a cat and a van.  And no broilers.  Yum yum.

Photos of animal additions will be coming soon.


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