Friday was the last day that my whole family will be together for a long time.  My parents finally sold their house and they’re moving to a place they bought last year on Prince Edward Island.  My brother and his wife moved up to Williams Lake in September and came down for a visit.  Me and my sister are the only ones left.

We had a great time and, as usual, ate too much.  But dad’s potato buns are irrisistible.  He only makes them twice a year if we’re lucky.  They’re probably the most requested food for holidays.  We’d eat spaghetti for christmas dinner if we got those buns.  Or even lasanga soup (dad made lasanga for christmas dinner one year and it came out a little runny).

Since it was our last dinner together (for a long time anyway), we took a commemorative photo.


Then me and Luke’s wife Steph played with settings on our cameras for a while.  Hers is the same camera as mine, just a year newer.

The next family photo we get will probably look very different.  I’m betting on 5 or 6 kids and less hair.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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