Big Blocks

Okay, I did warn you that I have many different interests that may come up on this blog.

Alternative construction methods is one of those things.

I’m sure you’ve heard of straw bale houses.  I like them because they can be freeform and sculptural, and they’re super insulated and take about 100 times longer to burn that conventional stick framed houses.  And straw bales are pretty cheap cost effective.

I stumbled onto this website showing building “blocks” made out of rice straw, which is a waste product.  You can’t buy it yet cause the company is still looking for investors, but it’s such a cool idea that I had to share it with you.


Aside from having very few straight walls to hang pictures on, who wouldn’t love to grow up in a strawbale house like this?


Or in a hobbit house!  (Seriously, click on the link…this house is amazing)


I’d live in a yurt if it looked like this.


With all the options out there, I wonder why so many people settle for the status quo.





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