Housekeeping and other mundane matters

Before I continue telling you about my fascinating past, I had to change a couple things.

I changed the format for my blog, only because the template I was using couldn’t handle a button allowing you to subscribe to this blog.  After many hours of testing different ones, I succumbed to this one.  I tried to keep it similar to the layout of the old one, only this format has all the links on the right now.

The downside is, I can’t put that lovely black and white photo of Montana at the top.

I’m very sad about that, but what can you do?

If I knew a thing about CSS or whatever it’s called, I could design my own format, but I don’t even know what CSS stands for.

BUT, now you can subscribe to this blog, which means you get a little e-mail reminding you to check my blog whenever I add a post.

Here’s that lovely photo of Montana one last time.


I’m going to miss seeing his woeful eyes everytime I log on here.  I think I’ll add him to my Gallery page.

Update: I aren’t at that blog anymore, so you don’t have to worry about any of this.  And obviously, Montana is back at the top.  Unless I decide to change the picture occasionally, which I might do.


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