No Husbands

Our men decided to go on a hunting/fishing trip for the weekend, leaving my friends and I with our (combined) 5 kids.

Normally, we’d be home cleaning and making dinner like any good housewife, but the absence of men makes us a little crazy.

We took the kids on a hike.  Ok, just sort of crazy.

We went to see a waterfall, and the fish just happened to be spawning too.



The waterfall was pretty, but we weren’t allowed to get very close because of unstable rock formations.


The kids enjoyed playing on the rocks where we were though.



On the way back Aiden found a tree that he must have missed on the way up, and he gave it a hug.


Sort of…

Someone else thought that was a great idea.


Then gave me this beautiful shot.


Kids are so cute.


Once Sadie can walk she’ll have a lot more fun.  She rode in a stroller on the way up and a sling on the way back.

None of us felt like spending the evening alone with our children so we combined forces and had dinner at Luella’s madhouse.:)  After a cooler and some oreo ice cream (and the kids were finally asleep) we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I didn’t get home until midnight.  Hee hee.

It was almost like being single and childless again.


I made it to church the next morning with everything but eggs.  Normally Darryl washes them in the morning but since he wasn’t there…

I didn’t do them.

Not that there were a lot to take though.  Our neighbour (from Bob’s house) buys most of them off us during the week.

I stopped by mom and dad’s after to say hi.  They were just tidying up before their open house and said they were going to visit our backwards backwoods friend Peggy, so I tagged along.

We sat in her lovely garden all afternoon and watched for leprechauns.

She sells them.


Sadie had a great time.


I’m throwing this picture in here because I can and nobody can stop me.


Hee hee.  Hi Mom!

Mom doesn’t sell leprechauns.  She sells pictorial quilts.  Check some out on her website:

That was my busy weekend without Darryl.  He brought me some fish, so now I’m back to cooking and cleaning.


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