Ugh, Grunt, Me Fix Truck

Here’s a manly mechanical post to balance out all the cutesy frilly baby and puppy posts that have been on here lately.

The ol’ truck broke down.

There’s this part called the Injector Pump that decided to quit.  I can’t really blame it cause this truck has like a million miles on it, but replacing this one part would cost $1200.

(For most of you readers who don’t know a carburetor from a differential, an Injector Pump is found on diesel vehicles and it pumps fuel to each piston where the fuel is compressed until it explodes, thereby turning the engine.  Kind of an important part.)

Hubby was smart and picked up an extra one for cheap from the auto wreckers when he happened to see another truck like his there, so he swapped them out.

The Injector Pump.



It makes very artistic photos.

So anyway, he had to line up the teeth into the correct slot but of course you can’t see the teeth when you put it back on, but we (I helped) did a dry fit and it worked so he put some gasket goop on it and put it back.

The next step involved turning the engine over to get all the air out of the injector lines, but in the process of doing that, the starter got really hot and burned out.  Boo.

Now we (Hubby) will have to rebuild the starter.

Good thing he’s handy with a wrench.




I used to fix my own truck.  I liked it that way.

Now Hubby fixes the truck.  I like it that way.


Dirt and grime just looks better on men.  It’s like an accessory.

Here’s another little mechanics lesson.

The Air Filter catches dirt and grease that may get sucked into the engine so the engine lasts longer and runs efficiently.  If you can’t see through it, it needs to be replaced.  Or cleaned, as is the case with this truck.  It has a K&N filter that can be cleaned.

This one needs it.


Don’t get annoyed if you have to replace the one in your car.  That just means that it’s working properly.

This is the radiator.


There’s nothing wrong with this.  Yet.  I just like the photo.

No, there’s no picture of the whole truck.  It’s too embarrassing to post on the world wide web.

I will tell you, it’s not pretty.  At least it’s mostly one colour.



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