The Neighbour’s Dog

I have no idea how you spell this dog’s name, so I’ll give it to you phoenetically.


Looks dumb spelled that way.  I think you get it though.  Hereafter he will be refered to as Bob.

Bob likes to hang around at our house cause we boss him around and tell him to get lost sometimes.  Someone is usually home during the day so he hangs around to see if we’re doing anything interesting.  He goes for walks with me when I take Sadie to check on the horse (who gets his tether rope wrapped around the tiniest little branch sticking out of the ground and can’t move).

Bob doesn’t fetch though.  He has better things to do.  Or rather, he rarely finds what you throw for him so he gives up before he begins.

Bob’s an independent sort.  He stands in our yard looking towards home the whole time he’s being called for dinner.  He goes when he’s good and ready.  Or when one of us gets tired of hearing the neighbour yelling for him and sends him packing.

Here’s Bob.


Here’s Bob on my porch.


Here’s Bob in colour.



Here’s Bob’s feet.  He could really use a pedicure.  Check out his calluses!




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