Fair-ly Fun

We made our yearly pilgrimage to the fair again, this time with Sadie in tow instead of in utero.  We took the camper in the back of the truck so we could stay overnight instead of driving home dead tired.  There was a nice flat spot near the entrance to park, and we cooked real food in there instead of eating the expensive fake food from the fair.  Darryl did give in and buy those yummy mini donuts and some cotton candy.  It’s only once a year so it’s okay.

Sadie may have been a little off her feed though…she kept throwing up every time she ate.  But after supper she was feeling better and made it through the rodeo, even sleeping for part of it.

We had only been there about 15 minutes when we walked unsuspectingly past a booth, where a nice lady was selling assorted cowboy hats.  She saw Sadie’s bare head and said “she needs one of these”, and we gave in, right there.  No debating, haggling, or second-guessing.  Sadie now has a hat to go with her “boots”.


Darryl thought it would be fun to teach her how to drive a tractor.  So he asked the nice man selling Kioti (as in “coyote”) tractors if it would be okay.

He said it would be alright, even though the sign says to keep children off.  He told me to keep an eye on them.


So Darryl showed her how to run through the safety checklist before starting it up.


Then he let Sadie have a go to see if she remembered everything.

Steering wheel…check.


Brakes…waaay down there…check.


Make sure it’s in neutral…check.


No one in front of me to run over…check.


Taste test…check.


We’re good to go daddy!

Then daddy had to explain that it was too big for her to drive quite yet.  She had to learn to sit by herself first.  She showed him how she could work the hoe on the back cause she could hang onto the shifters.


But daddy distracted her with these…


And then reminded her that we have a bigger one at home…

…and all was well.


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