Chicken Day

We are suckers for punishment.

Our second batch of chicks arrived in the mail last week.  Normally we’d have to drive into town to pick them up but they were delivered since one of the guys had to make some stops in our area anyway.



So cute now, but after a couple months, they look like this…


Not so cute.

In fact, they are some of the ugliest, most awkward looking chickens ever.   Their feet are bigger than our full grown layers’ feet, and they can hardly walk.  They waddle.  They lay down while they’re eating.  They’re lazy.

We’re going to eat them.

But first we have to butcher them (Don’t worry, I won’t show you anything too nasty).

After we, ahh… chop off their heads, we dunk them in hot water to loosen the feathers.  Plucking them is so much easier with this machine.


It has black rubber “fingers” attached to a drum that spins.  The fingers grab all the feathers and rip them off in about 30 seconds.  Beats doing it by hand.  This way it’s a big machine so the guys like to use it and I don’t have to.  Though I had to do one.  I got splattered with some sort of liquid that I don’t care to know the origin of, so I let my hubby finish the rest of them.  My skin crawls when I relive that part.


But there’s nothing like my brother’s sense of humour to brighten any situation.


Think whatever you want about this photo, but I assure you, this chicken did not feel a thing.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it took us 10 hours to process 23 chickens!  It was a long day.  But so worth it.  I roasted our first chicken a couple of days later in the oven at 475F for an hour and a half with onions and garlic inside it.

Oh my gosh, was it ever tasty!  The most succulent, juicy, tender, flavourful chicken I’ve ever bitten into.  And when we finally picked most of the meat off, I froze the carcass and just made soup out of it last night.  The best chicken soup I’ve ever made.

We used to buy those ready-to-eat cooked chickens from Costco for 7 bucks and I’d make soup out of the leftovers, but now I know why they were only 7 bucks.  There is truly no comparison.  Our day of disgusting decapitation and defeathering was so worth it…we doing it again in two months!

Wanna come help?


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