Magic Mixer

I used to make bread totally by hand.  I like kneading the dough.  It feels good in my hands.

Now I use my mixer to knead the dough cause this way I don’t get my hands covered in flour and miss an important phone call or let spit up dry all over Sadie’s sleeper while I wash them off.

It still takes the same amount of time to mix the dough, it’s just tidier.


And it looks good doing it.  Which I can’t always claim about myself.

Anyway, this is what it cranked out the other day.



I’ve been making this bread since we got married.  It’s whole wheat, though I don’t know why it’s called that because half the flour is white.

Oh well, it’s delicious.


I eat half a loaf smothered in butter before I get them put away.  It’s my reward for all my hard work.  Setting up the mixer takes time and it’s heavy!



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