For want of a tomato…

This is what our garden looked like early this spring.  I won’t tell you what ridiculous thing we traded to have this excavator work done, but I will say it’s going to save us an unpleasant step when we “process” our meat chickens.



The beginnings our raised beds.



Here’s the fence going up to keep the chickens out.  We used scraps of chainlink fence that we found on the property.


My plants barely cast a shadow and it’s the end of May.


I thought I would be super smart and put a soaker hose in the tomato bed with mulch on top so I could simply plug in the hose and let it water the plants.  I tried it once.  It sprayed water everywhere but on the tomatoes and took all day to do it.  I got the hose off  I guess I should have asked about leaks, but I thought that was a silly question.


Instead, I water the tomatoes by hand with the watering can I got from a garage sale for $0.25 (score!).  It only leaks out the end of the spout.


The tomato plants got so big they fell over, cages and all, so I tied them back up with twine.  I baby them cause they’re the only thing I planted that did well.  And maybe the beets, but there’s only half a dozen so I don’t want to pull one up to check.


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